Backtrend = The tendency to work from the bottom-up of the production chain while maintaining a clear focus on the end consumer.

At Backtrend, we specialize in “Digital Collaboration” contributing to the creation of valuable transformations to your business.

We are a service-oriented company that delivers Technology and Process Outsourcing services; at Backtrend, we take care of the “back-end” and influence the “front office”

Backtrend enables the creation of solutions and services that create endless value; we integrate customer-oriented solutions created through a deep understanding of various diverse industries

Our Mission

Our Mission

"We help our clients transform through a deep understanding of their business, solutions from our key partners, and world-class practices that enable an expert team that is committed to creating value."

Our Vision

Our Vision

“Generate value through the transformation of our client’s business”

Our Values

Our core values:

  • < Commitment to service
  • < Discipline
  • < Adaptation to change
  • < Common good
  • < Excellence
  • < Joy in what we do
  • < Innovation

Our History

Backtrend is a business and IT consulting firm founded in 2004 that, along with Interfactura, has supported clients since the first implementation of Electronic Invoicing (FE) in Mexico and successfully executed CRM and SCM solutions like SAP, Oracle, and several Microsoft solutions, among others.

In 2006, Backtrend's sales and implementation team was integrated with Interfactura; later, in 2010, IF Soluciones was constituted as a first response to Interfactura clients that demanded a greater focus on the implementation process.

It wasn’t until 2015, with the evolution of the electronic invoice and the need to improve their business process and IT services, that Backtrend was reborn as an independent brand under Interfactura. It focused solely on satisfying consumer demand for Digital Collaboration through its expert consultants that combined their business abilities, their knowledge of the use of different technologies across Mexico and Latin America, and their alliances with market leaders in the industry to meet the growing demand for “extended services.”

Corporate Social Responsibility

GDX Holdings (Backtrend, Interfactura, and JunoMX) proudly contributes to the talent development of children in Mexico. GIDIX Camp is a permanent talent development program that allows children from certain economic backgrounds to learn about technology and programming at an early age in an effort to arouse interest in professionalizing their skills and obtain access to specialized studies.

This program is 100% sponsored by GDX Holdings and allows the whole company to spend time with the participants, developing the talent of the children and strengthening the spirit of service and commitment of the employees who are part of it.

At GDX we are all GIDIX, we are geeks and we have fun like kids!

Join our Team

Backtrend employees have extensive experience in digital business collaboration consulting. Therefore, at Backtrend we know that knowledge and innovation are powered by a team of people that are constantly revamping their abilities and focused on growing.