Digital Transformation
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Competing is a discovery process. Learning things about the consumer that your competitors do not yet know.

Our services allow a self-evaluation of your data and content using sophisticated advanced analytics tools and techniques. These are equipped beyond the traditional business intelligence (BI) so that they help your business gain a more profound vision, and make predictions or recommendations that will improve performance.

Our Services:

  • < Performance Management
  • < Advanced Analytics
  • < Management of Information Systems
  • < Continuous improvement
  • < Client Management

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Changing the IT paradigm by not automating “everything” but rather by enabling agility through the elimination of processes that do not add value to your organization; that is true digital transformation.

Along with organizational maturity comes the complexity of processes automated by IT. At startups, the founder can make most of the decisions for the company. In a mature firm, many approvals must be made to get anything done. Our digital transformation services support the reorganization of your firm through the use of digital technologies that will improve the performance of your business and serve those who are a part of it: Clients, Suppliers, Shareholders, Business partners, and Employees among others.

Our Services:

  • < Implementation and Operation
    of Digital Collaboration with:
    • Clients
    • Suppliers
    • Business Partners
    • Analytics
    • Compliance

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Digital Business
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Outsourcing of Digital
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With all the progress in cloud computing, mobility, and other supporting technologies, applications now offer immense potential in the digital improvement of business.

Our services focus on understanding your core business to take advantage of collaboration tools offered by the Cloud. This way, we can renovate and/or complete your current applications by implementing digital collaboration solutions with your clients, suppliers and business partners in “as-a-Service” mode. From the definition to the objective, scope, teamwork and start-up we will assist you through the entire implementation process of your solution, with our expert consultants and proven experience.

Our Services:

  • < Interfactura
  • < JunoMx
  • < Microsoft
  • < Concur

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Backtrend offers BPaaS- Business Process as a Service, or in other words BPO- Business Process Outsourcing (through the intensive use of digital tools and in “as-a-Service” conditions or as a “pay per use” service).

New digital services are posing a threat to the IT and Process Outsourcing industry which means, in practical terms, that outsourcing services must evolve as well. Digital transformation augments the use of social media, mobile phones are the primary “IT tool” for users, advanced analytics allows predictions, the Cloud implements and operates infrastructure and new apps in minutes, robots are improving communication between clients and their community, robotics generates value-added processes and IoT (Internet of Things) is creating immense potential for industries, while also creating new risks; therefore, it imperative that the “outsourcer” has a deep understanding of the benefits and risks that come from digital transformation.

We are committed to optimizing efficiency for our clients with services that outsource the collaboration with suppliers, clients, and business partners; from the exchange of a purchase order, through delivery and validation of your electronic invoices, and until the payment process. We operate the "Order to Cash" and "Procure to Pay" processes of the company with a "Digital Collaboration" approach making the most of the tools available in this digital era. Our tools, combined with a highly qualified team, allow us to achieve deep and constant improvements for our customers. These services are offered in the BPaaS - Business Process as a Service model, from the least intrusive level to complete operation, including services, processes, and people; we are adding value and taking it businesses an optimal level of operation.

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  • Interfactura
    Firm that develops business solutions based on a tech platform, for the automation and optimization of “digital collaboration” processes with clients (revenues) and suppliers (expenses).
  • Microsoft
    Leading multinational software developing company that allows high performance of its users.
  • Juno
    Strategic alliance that allows the an automated management system of payment collections with the opportunity for financing that allows your business to grow.
  • gmc-Software
    Strategic alliance offering Customer Communication Management (CCM) solutions with a single design point which allows the creation, management, and delivery of standard communication to clients.