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Backtrend is the quintessential digital business consultant.

We offer consulting services relating to:

  • < Comprehensive management and its Improvement
    Evaluation of the company’s current comprehensive management strategy through working groups with the different areas involved where the current process, its participants, ordinary and extraordinary scenarios are discussed in detail to form a more efficient process.
  • < Commercial marketing strategy
    Knowledge of the commercial process, planning needs, monitoring, market, sales efficiency, interaction with the merchandise for sale and collaboration with the client. In the same direction, we analyze, propose, and implement changes to the process using cutting-edge tools of the market.
  • < Credit preparation
    We will consult you through every step to ease any concerns:
    What does your company need to optimize its payment collection cycle?
    How do I obtain a line of credit based on accounts receivable?
    How do I manage and control the payment collection process in an automated way?
    Obtain liquidity from uncollected invoices!
  • <Implementación
    Definición, Objetivo, Alcance, Equipo de Trabajo y Puesta en Marcha; te acompañamos en todo el proceso de implementación de tu solución con consultores expertos y experiencia comprobada.

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Backtrend can digitally transform your business

We offer services in:

  • < Automation of “Digital Collaboration” with Clients and/or Suppliers
    Standard evaluation of the revenue and expenditure process through the “Interfactura” platform, our experience and the best industry practices to recommend adjustments to this process, for its automation.
  • < Collaboration-Communities
    Includes the automatic exchange of commercial documents (purchase order, reception notes, credit notes, rejected invoices, and payment notification), through a website, between a major buyer and its world of suppliers.
    The exchange process is designed according the commercial rules of each major buyer. During the process, the validation of three points (purchase order vs. reception notice vs. invoice) and the fiscal validation according to SAT requirements is performed.
  • < Management of Payment Collection and Financing
    Optimize the payment cycle, allowing the company to manage and control the collection process through our automated system “JunoMx.” Electronic financial factoring.
  • < Management of Travel Expenses
    Saving time and increasing control in compliance with Travel Expenses policies through the implementation of the Concur tool.
  • < Management of Mobile Sales
    Optimization of interactions between the sales manager and his/her sales team and the sales executive and his clients with the SETVI.
  • < Integration of Applications, Connectors
    Support during the design, construction, and implementation process of tools with ERPs, CRMs, and SCMs, etc. .
  • < Development of Custom Applications

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Competing is a discovery process. Learning things about the consumer that your competitors do not yet know.

Our services, specially designed for SMEs, are at your disposal and at that of all our clients to support them in a self-evaluation of their data and content using cutting-edge advanced analytical tools and techniques that go beyond traditional Business Intelligence (BI) to develop a more profound vision for the company, and make predictions and/or recommendations to improve its performance.

Our Services:

  • < Performance Management
  • < Advanced Analytics
  • < Information Management Systems
  • < Continuous Improvement
  • < Client Management

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With all the progress in cloud computing, mobility, and other supporting technologies, applications offer now more than ever immense potential in the digital improvement of business that helps SMEs compete with major corporations.

Our services focus on understanding your core business to leverage collaboration tools on the Cloud. This way, we can renovate and/or complete your current applications by implementing digital collaboration solutions with your clients, suppliers and business partners in “as-a-Service” mode as well as Microsoft solutions like Dynamics 365, Office 365, and PowerBI among others. From the definition to the objective, scope, teamwork and start-up, our expert consultants and proven experience will guide you through the entire implementation process of your solution.

Our implementation services come from:

  • Interfactura
  • < JunoMx
  • < Microsoft Dynamics 365 (including CRM OnLine, Finance, Operation, Sales, etc.)
  • < Microsoft Office 365 with productivity tool in-office
  • < Microsoft PowerBI and Advanced Analytics
  • < Microsoft Azure: IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

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  • Interfactura
    Firm that develops business solutions based on a tech platform, for the automation and optimization of “digital collaboration” processes with clients (revenues) and suppliers (expenses).
  • dito
    Strategic alliance that develops management platforms for control of revenues and expenditures.
  • JunoMx
    Strategic alliance that allows the an automated management system of payment collections with the opportunity for financing that allows your business to grow.
  • Microsoft
    Leading multinational software developing company that allows high performance of its users.